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Franchise Business

Beyond No.1 in Korea, We Dream No.1
Hand-Made Burger and Chicken Brand in the World
We are restaurant franchise brand “Mom’s Touch” and we aim for slow food with sincerity like that from mom. We are beloved by our customers by our filled amount of food, reasonable price, and own differentiated style of “After order cooking system” which is we cook just after we accept order. We are enthusiastically leading the market with several menus like chicken, side menus, drinks, and especially with our hand-made burgers.
At the end of 2017, we are running 1100 stores in Korea. Our store management system and win-win strategy with franchise stores are making positive synergy for positive growth. Also our oversea branches in Taiwan and Viet Nam are making impressive results. We are preparing for making branches in the United States and Mainland China and we aim for becoming global hand-made burger brand.

Differentiated Products

  • After-Order Cooking
  • Menu Developments

Inexpensive Opening Cost

  • Reasonable first cost
  • Increasing benefit ratio

Systematic Distribution System

  • Delivery is made 3 times a week
  • Keeping freshness

Professional Operation Management

  • Supporting store operation during opening period
  • Continuous management