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CEO’s Greeting

What Haimarrow dreams is to make happier tomorrow by our food!

Dear our valuable customers, partners, and who are with Haimarrow Food Service

The year 2015 was the 11th anniversary of Haimarrow and was a very impressive year with the biggest sales in our history even during global depression in economics and in the long tunnel of low-growth era. This year, 2016 is the 20th anniversary of “Mom’s Touch” which has made remarkable advances under (our own) Haimarrow’s strong philosophy. We build Haimarrow’s competitive power in the market from self-developed franchise system, value added products and service innovation. Based on these experiences, we would like to challenge for the next step. As a listed company, Haimarrow is running towards happier tomorrow not only for employees, partners, customers, and stockholders but also for everyone. We, Haimarrow Food Service Co., Ltd, who suggested new paradigm for franchise business through penetrating insight and creative thoughts, is heading to maximize customers’ value.

For this, in the red ocean of burger market, we have kept competitive advantage and surpass the limit and finally made the dreams come true. Like this, we will keep challenge for the customers’ satisfaction and change the world gently.

We will move ‘right’ rather than ‘speedy’. We, Haimarrow Food Service, who start for the journey in the new world, to the global market, are going to build up company’s status through high quality R&D, and will discover new business. For the bigger and happier tomorrow,